About Us
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Minimalist illustrator and Art Director. Great passion for women empowerment and breaking stereotypes carved on women by society. Raised by religious values, but I have always been very opinionated towards everything. My work is mostly Minimal, Expressionism, Mental Health Influenced, Healing and basically anything I’m feeling.

A lot of mediums have been used to capture emotion but the power of illustration lies in the use of colour, emphasis on line, shape, space and texture. All of these elements are found in illustration to influence the mind, heart and body of the viewer. In that way, illustration does more than please the eye, it also leaves a sense of emotion. But overall, illustration becomes more than just a piece of art. It’s a part of what you are as it considers more than just the beauty but how the receiver feels after experiencing the illustration. If you can find some sort of healing in my work, I’ve won.